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Tent Rentals
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Tent Rentals


Ontario Inflatables - Tent Rentals. We carry a large variety of tents to serve the needs of any sized event!

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Tents rentals of all sizes and styles

If you’re looking to house your entire event under one tent, or to use multiple tents for individual elements like:

  • Awards presentations and speeches
  • Catering
  • Bar
  • Entertainment
  • Dancing
  • Games

Ontario Inflatables has the right tent to meet your needs and those of your guests – perfectly.

Choose your tent style

Whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create for your party or event, there’s a tent to make it come alive for your special day.

  • Frame tents
  • Marquee tents
  • Hex tents
  • Canopy tents

Contact us to book your tent

Ready to turn your event into a PARTY with incredible fun that everyone will enjoy?

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Ready to turn your event into a PARTY? Inflatable rentals are the way to go.